The largest restaurant area in the building is dominated by a mural of New York painted in 1717 <this doesn’t make sense; the building dates from 1719> and can accommodate 90 people or as many as 120 standing. With a beer hall atmosphere but elegantly furnished, the 18th century high-backed booths provide intimate spaces for conversation and dining.

– Suitable for up to 90 People Seated

– Suitable for up to 120 Standing


A Taste of History

We have had it all here at the Bissel Room, catwalk shows, TV series filming, corporate conferences and wedding parties. Bespoke furniture decorates the room and a painting hangs here depicting the departure of the Revolutionary Army Officers. This fantastic room is awash with stunning colonial moldings and designs. The wooden floors and magnificent mural of New York Harbor adding to the ambience. While in the room you can’t miss the large mural painted on an entire wall in 1717 of Manhattan.


Top Quality Service

It is hard to leave The Bissell Room with anything less than a full belly and a swashbuckling story to share.


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