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The Party Rooms

The Party Rooms

Celebrate your party or event in style, with rooms for all tastes, an experience your guests will never forget



Enjoy a unique dining experience in the oldest standing structure in the City of New York.

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Our Beers

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Our story

“The most splendid dinner I ever saw, a profusion of rich dishes.”

John Adams – First Continental Congress 1774 at Fraunces Tavern

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    1762 - The Tavern Bought by Samuel Fraunces

    The building was purchased by Samuel Fraunces and opened as the Queen’s Head Tavern (also known as the Sign of the Queen Charlotte.)

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    1785 - George Powers

    Fraunces sold the building to George Powers. The Department of Foreign Affairs, under John Jay, used the building as its first headquarters until 1788

    After the Revolutionary War was won, the building at 54 Pearl St. held the first offices for the Departments of Foreign Affairs, War and Treasury (1785-1788). After the federal government promised to move its offices south, the building once again became a tavern.

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    1791 - Benjamin Stout

    Merchant, John Delafield leased the property. Under Delafield’s the building was operated by tenant, Benjamin Stout. Stout leased the properties bake-house to baker, Andrew Inderweek.

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1793 - Charles Bernardi

    Stout was replaced by Charles Bernardi, who ran the boarding house at 54 Pearl St. and operated a dry-good store.

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1795 - Orcet

    Powers sold 54 Pearl St. to Dr. Nicholas Romaine. Under Romaine’s ownership widow, Orcet ran a boarding house.

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1800 - Daniel Coughlen

    Orcet was replaced by Daniel Coughlen who opened a grocery store and tavern at 54 Pearl Street. That same year Romaine sold the building to builder, John Moore.


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    1802 - Mrs. Barde

    Coughlen was replaced by Mrs. Barde

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1804 - David Ross

    David Ross (Tavern Keeper) The Society of Cinncinati held a meeting at 54 Pearl Street. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton attended.

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1804 - Ruddphus Kent

    Ruddphus Kent

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1837 - John H. Gardner

    John H. Gardner

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1845 - Ernst Beurmeyer

    Ernst Beurmeyer

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1866 - William Stubner

    William Stubner

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1881 - Jacob Etzel

    Jacob Etzel

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    1895 - Edward Michels

    Edward Michels

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    1907 - Emil Westerburg - The Restoration

    The restoration was completed and the building was dedicated on December 4, the anniversary of the Washington’s Farewell to his officers. The Fraunces Tavern Museum & Tavern were opened. The Tavern was managed by Emil Westerburg.

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    1937 - Robert Norden Family

    Robert Norden Family

  • Fraunces-Tavern-Logov2

    2010 to Present - Eddie and Dervila Travers

    Broadwater & Pearl Associates

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    2015 - The Modern Fraunces Tavern

    Over the last 106 years, Fraunces Tavern has expanded. The Museum and Restaurant now occupy five buildings on the historic Fraunces Tavern Block. When you visit you will enjoy over 8 dining spaces and 9 Museum galleries.

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